What Happens When You Mix Beer and Lollipops?

It sounds compelling. Take two things people absolutely love and combine them to make something new. We consume millions of gallons in beer each year and more lollipops than you can imagine. It was only matter of time before someone created the elusive Beer Lollipop, and that time is now. The Lollyphile candy company has […]

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5 reasons to eat chocolate

5 Reasons To Eat More Chocolate

Protect against sun damage – Yes eating chocolate may actually help protect you from the sun. Reduce cravings – It sounds odd, but chocolate can be used as an effective way to reduce your appetite. Protect your heart – Chocolate is good for valentines and real hearts. Aid muscle recovery – Athletes will be happy […]

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Clearance Sale at Jelly Belly – Save 50% on All Easter Candy

The world’s top gourmet jelly bean is produced by Jelly Belly. They provide fifty official natural tasting flavors and a large variety of new flavors, limited collections and crazy flavorings. The Jelly Belly Candy Co. produces more than one hundred delicious candies such as chocolate, gummies, sour candy and sweets for all seasons. They also […]

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My M&M’s Deals

Save 15% on your My M&M’s Order when you spend $100 or more. Use Code: MYPARTY15.   Celebrate your sweet tooth! Shop My M&M’s and celebrate National Eat An Extra Dessert Day! MY M&M’S® candy personalized with words, colors, faces, logos – Order Now! Create Custom NFL M&M’S to show your team spirit. Personalized M&Ms […]

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